Logistics Online Degrees

Logistics Online DegreesLogistics online degree are in great demand these days. By successfully earning an online logistics degree, you will get a solid understanding of inventory, production and supply chain management. Apart from covering theoretical concepts related to logistics, these degree programs also cover special areas such as customer service, finance and accounting.

Syllabus of Logistics Online Degrees

The syllabus of an Online Logistics Degree Program includes logistics fundamentals, inventory management, transportation, warehousing, supply chain management and importing & exporting. Once you learn the logistics fundamentals, you will be able to improve customer service and minimize costs. Inventory management plays a prominent part in controlling costs also.

The transportation course will give you an overview of different transportation modes and costs. With a warehouse course you will get to know about material handling and equipment. Once you learn how to handle importing and exporting routines, you will be able to run business across borders.

Online Universities Offering Logistics Online Degrees

Online universities offering logistics online degrees are mentioned below:

Bellevue University: Bellevue University is one of the best online universities in the world that runs online logistics degree programs. By studying at Bellevue University, you can earn a Bachelor of Science in Logistics Management. In addition, they also offer a MBA in supply chain management. Bellevue is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, and is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission.

American InterContinental University: American InterContinental University conducts a wide variety of online degree programs in logistics. It includes Bachelors degree in operations management and Master of Business Administration in operations management.

University of Phoenix: Studying at the University of Phoenix, you can earn a Bachelor of Science degree in integrated supply chain and a Masters Degree in operations management. A member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, the University of Phoenix is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. The student-faculty ratio is quite low at the University of Phoenix a plus for a successful program. At the University of Phoenix you will be able to study at your own pace. This is helpful to students who are already working and cannot attend classes on a rigid schedule.