Earning an Online Degree

Earning an Online Degree

RN Online Degree are available at a variety of sites on the internet and there are several different levels of education that you can attain. They afford you flexible hours which enable you to work around your current work schedule.

But is an RN Degree online something that you should consider? Taking a course online is fairly simple. You are required to have only three things to get started:

An internet connection
An e-mail account

Benefits of Getting Your RN Degree Online

Currently, nurses are still in high demand in the health care industry. This demand finds many current nurses working long hours and not having the necessary time to return to school and further their education.

Most nurses are never able to achieve their career goals as a result. This is why getting an RN Online degree is very beneficial. RN online degrees are available at several different education levels. However, there are three key benefits to getting an RN Degree online as follows:

Convenience – getting your RN Degree online enables you to take the courses you want when you want to take them, as well as doing your homework at your own pace. If you are currently working full-time or part-time, you can continue working while you are earning your degree.

Flexibility – whether or not there is a college or university in your area is irrelevant when you take an RN Degree online course. There are no classes to attend, no parking hassles, and no over-crowded classrooms. Since you are not confined geographically, you have a wide array of institutions to choose from.

Cost-Effectiveness – obtaining you RN online degree is less costly than earning it the traditional way on campus. Typically, the colleges and universities that administer these online degree programs do so for less cost than their on-campus programs.

You can begin your nursing career with an RN online degree or you can advance your current nursing career in order to elevate your position and your wages. An accredited RN Degree online will jumpstart or advance your nursing career regardless and you can earn the degree at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. That’s the beauty of any online degree program.

The Top RN Degree Online Programs

Here is a listing of the 9 top nursing programs that are currently available at numerous online education sites:

B.S. in Health Administration
B.S. in Human Services/Management
B.S. in Nursing
M.B.A. / Health care Management
M.S. in Nursing/Family Nurse Practitioner
M.S. in Nursing/Health Care Education
M.S. in Nursing/Integrative Health Care
Post Master’s Nurse Practitioner’s Programs
RN to B.S. in Nursing

Pre-requisites for RN Degrees Online

For a BSN degree:

4 years of high school English
2 years of high school foreign language
3 years of high school math, including algebra & geometry
3 years of high school science, including biology & chemistry
Minimum GPA’s from 2.0 to 3.25 depending on the school
SAT or ACT exam – minimum scores will vary widely by school

For an RN-to-BSN Degree or an RN-to-MSN Degree: